Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Google Docs--Offline

This is the most common problem at my school:  "I can't do anything because it keeps saying 'waiting to connect!'  Can I get another computer?"

Unfortunately, getting another computer won't help.  We use Samsung Chromebooks in 7th grade.  Chromebooks act 95%+ in the "cloud".  The reason we can't connect is because our server can't support the amount of devices we have connecting to it.

Our awesome tech crew is working diligently to improve our accessibility in each school in our district, thanks in part to our former superintendent, who placed a priority on improving technology during his tenure.  HOWEVER, we need to be prepared.

How to get OFFLINE in Google Docs (Slides, Sheets, Drawings, too!)

If that's not enough, I created a video for my students to follow to earn their Chromebook Licenses.  View it here:
NO MORE EXCUSES!  Get working:)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tools I'm committed to using this year

I go to tech workshops often. #hpselead

For daily/weekly in class activities:
GAFE, including Google Classroom
Gradecam & Socrative

For professional branding & classroom branding: